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Terry McComb is a retired pastor and avid naturalist with an enthusiasm for discovering illustrations of the Gospel in creation. He has had several articles featured in Creation Illustrated Magazine. He is also co-author of The Family Life Nature Series featured under Resources.

As a youth, Terry worked ten years at youth camps. For five of these years he was in charge of nature education, personally teaching reptiles for six years. He also worked and led out with primary - junior age children at camp meetings for fifteen years.

Terry & Jean's pastoral ministry began in the Kentucky-Tennessee conference in 1964. During the next 44 years they served in Maryland, Wisconsin, Montana, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. God blessed them with four sons, whom they home schooled during some of their childhood years.

In 1981, the McCombs felt a need to draw closer to their children and to spend more time with them. They took a sabbatical leave from the ministry, sold many of their possessions, and moved to Polebridge, Montana. There they lived on $3,000 a year earned income, and built a wilderness home debt free. During this time they experienced God’s intervention in their lives as they depended on Him to provide their daily needs. It was also during this period that God opened the way for the publication of their first books.

During the past 14 years they have shared nature seminars in churches across North America, as well as in Lithuania and Australia. They presently reside in Cherryville, BC. Their four sons are now happily married and are pursuing their own careers. They have five grandchildren.

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Terry & Jean McComb

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