Family Life Nature Series: Gospel According to a Dandelion and much more!

creation evolution or bothBy Pastor Terry McComb the Family Life Nature series is designed to get parents and children into God’s out-of-door classroom, even if they reside in the city. Each of the books contains 22-32 character building lessons. Each lesson is a multi-learning unit, combining a Science lesson, a Character lesson, a Bible lesson, a Reading lesson, and an Art lesson.

Every lesson contains a practical out-of-door project families can do together that reinforces the lesson. These books are real science, not fiction. The lessons also feature quality, scientific fine art drawings by Vera McMurdo. The full-page illustrations are not only coloring pages, but graphical object lessons that are easily adapted to your child's learning level. These books are a must for parents, grandparents, teachers, Vacation Bible School or Club Scout leaders.

The objects in nature speak through their design and function, revealing Jesus Christ as Creator. It is Sharing Jesus, Naturally.

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gospel according to a blade of grass The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass

According to Holy Scriptures, grass was the first life He creatied in His new world. It appears to be the foundation for all that lives and breathes on planet earth.In this book you will look at some of the ways of grass and discover that they reveal some of the ways of its Maker.

Just a blade of grass? Yes! And a whole host of amazing insights and powerful object lessons! Learn about God's Wisdom, Thankfulness, Humility, Self-Respect, Service, Salvation, Power for Growth, Curiosity, and so much more!


gospel according to a snowflake

The Gospel According to a Snowflake

Winter, with its brisk cold, calls hardy nature lovers to sample its frozen wonders. One of these wonders is the simple snowflake with it's many hidden treasures. Snow is mentioned 25 times in the Bible and in this book you will discover some of the spiritual lesson found in snow.

Discover the beauty of a snowflake as you learn how they form, study their complex design, and learn practical lessons that you can apply to your life. Preparedness, Little Things, Forgiveness, Trials, Unity, Pure Motives, and Wise Use of Time, are just a few of the many character lessons taught from snow!


gospel according to a tree

The Gospel According to a Tree

A tree speaks to us of the beauty and wisdom of our Creator. Job 12:8 says "Speak to the earth and it will teach you." The authors in this book prayerfully pondered the scientific facts regarding trees and then compared them to the ways of God as found in His word. Because God is the Designer and Sustainer of the tree as well as the author of scriptures, we find perfect harmony between the two.



gospel according to a dandelion

The Gospel According to a Dandelion  

What can you learn from a lowly dandelion? You'll just have to find out! The complexity and design of the dandelion will change your thinking about the "noxious" weed, and show you a deeper glimpse of God's character! Learn lessons such as Priorities, Diligence, Natural and Inner Beauty, Standing Alone, Witnessing, Carefulness, and Counterfeits.


As parents share these lessons they will be instilling this lasting quality into their child at the foundation level of development. After each lesson is a professional sketch children can color.


Using the Gospel According to Creation series with our children not only provided a delightful, fun, and informative way to learn science and show God's signature in nature; it also provided food for thought and great sermon illustrations for us as adults! Every parent needs this resource."

Vicki Griffin, MPA, MACN
Director, Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series
Editor, Balance Magazine


Video Clip made from a section of the book: Gospel According to a Tree.


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