Terry McComb, speaker and writer with Creation Illustrated magazine, has conducted countless character-building, Bible-based seminars that reveal eternal truths through the handiwork of God. The deeply Spiritual messages have a lasting impact on all ages. Seminars feature black light drawings and uplifting piano artistry by Jean McComb, as well as useful handouts.

If you are interested in holding a seminar or workshop in your church contact Terry McComb.

Pastor McComb has presented the following seminars in churches around North America and can use any of these for your church:

ORIGINS: The Creation Story” is a Biblical and scientific walk through Genesis one. Discover what each day of the Creation Week reveals about its Author. How is each fact relevant to our spiritual walk? This nine-hour seminar begins on a Sunday and ends on the following Saturday night. Available on video -- click here to learn more.

Creation, Evolution, or BOTH: You can't have Christ and Darwin too." A 15 hour series with Pastor George Hilton, Ph.D. that dives deeply into the issue of thesic evoluion through science and scripture. (This seminar is limited as efforts must be co-ordinated with Pastor Hilton, Ph.D.) Available on video -- click here to learn more.

In His Image” focuses on the wonder of the human body! This nine-hour seminar is a fast-moving study that examines the 11 systems of the body and their amazing Designer. Deeply scientific, yet spiritual messages help viewers learn to care for their body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Available on video - click here to learn more.

The wonder of a Tree” is a nine-hour seminar illustrating how the lifestyle, function, and ways of a tree reveal the way we are to relate to our Creator, Jesus Christ. seminar only.

Creation’s Creator” is a four to five-hour weekend seminar covering the following topics: Evolution vs. Creation and the Truth About Dinosaurs; The Cross as Seen in Nature; Heart Reading Nature; and The Gospel According to a Dandelion. Each of these seminars are available on video -- click here to learn more.

Learning Character Lessons from Nature” will help viewers learn how to see past the trees and see the Creator. This is a hands-on practical nine-hour seminar that uses the out-of-doors classroom and needs to be in a nature setting. It is short on theory and long on active learning. seminar only.

The Heavens are Telling” displays the gospel as revealed in astronomy. This nine-hour seminar includes plenty of NASA space telescope photos uncovering God’s ways in outer space. Come fill your heart’s inner space with His love. seminar only.

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